riyada in arabic means "training" or "discipline". It was used by the arabs in relation to horse taming. Sufis refer to their discipline as "riyadat an-nafs": disciplining the soul / training the ego. Today, the word riyada has come to mean "sports". There is an Arabic proverb that says: "The purpose of sports (riyada) is not to win cups, but to discipline the soul". This blog is here to help me discipline my soul and train my body.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Alright, that's it!

I have had all the free time that i could ask for. And all the opportunities to just sit down and write some things down. And I had promised a bunch of people. But for some reason I just ever felt like it. I simply didnt feel like writing about what i promised to write about.

Well, I dont care what I feel like anymore. I'm gonna write my first post today. Inshalla!

I just gotta go have breakfast now.


EDIT: I started writing it last night, and now it's almost finished....


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